Friday 31 July 2015

Indian politics is riding a huge blot of 'Might is Right' currently!

First and foremost, why the hell government didn't get Yakub's gallowing in the pattern as was done in case of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru keeping it really official and private. Making or providing it a public shoot is nothing less than a politics of polarisation and thrashing the minorities even in more and more darker traps.

Funeral journey of Bal Thakrey versus that of Yakub Memon, what is the difference really between the two; just of one hailed from regional majority and the other from religious minority?

There were lakhs of people told in funeral journey of Bal Thakrey, who thrashed his own Hindu religion people of north-east and south (tamil-malayalam) origin from Mumbai. Even then Marathi manush revered a huge condolence on him. Does it mean that whole marathi manush should have been declared a threat to nation's peace and harmony by lamenting tag of regionalism and linguistic dictators on them?

His acts were so anti-national that he was even banned from fighting elections. His emergence into constitutional system was considered a severe threat to nation's peace and harmony as he dictated regionalism and linguistic barriers in nation. Even then no one questioned that gathering.

Has anyone guessed the traumatic conditions of a Bihari, Poorbiya, Bangali, Tamilian or a Malayali faced due to his ideology? Still everyone kept mum on that road show.

Now if just a thousands of people gathered in Memon's funeral, whole of the facebookiyas are making hays of it. Is it all just because he was a minority? Or his people has no emotions?

Or does a Rajoana or Bhuller in Punjab committed less criminal digs there but still got support of a big chunk of folks and no one questioned them?

What is the difference between the terror of Thakrey and Yakub, one used lathi-danda-guns with mouthfull of derogatory remarks blended in regional and linguistic hatredness and the other bombs?

Well don't come to me arguing that his minority can become a threat after becoming majority, all bullshit craps. If that is the fear then stop riding the democratic approach instead reinstall ages old empirical hymn. And I think that is what up to current political scenarios indicating.

Note1: I am neither supporting Yakub, nor Thakrey or Bhullar-Rajoana. What I want to indicate towards is that we are entering ourselves into a mentality of 'Might is Right', which will turn the nation nothing less than a jungle.

Note2: Those who bark against 'religious secularism' may come on this post of mine to wrap me in same tag. Before to do so, I would ask those idiots first get rid of 'caste secularism' and then talk on 'religious secularism'. I would ask them to either stop barking the slogans of Unity and Equality in all Hindu (Caste Secularism) castes or first go to a state like Haryana and stop those who poop dirty politics of Jat versus non-Jat. Dare you?

Jai Yauddheya! - Phool Kumar Malik

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