Wednesday, 19 October 2011

From movie ARKHSAN: How justifiable it is to compensate 5000 years of so called slavery of Dalits for Savrans by ARKHSAN?:

Balmiki Bhagwan ke ek daaku se bhagwan banne ki kahaani to aap jante hi honge, jisme ki jab unhone apne parivaar se poochha ki jo main yeh sab loot kar laata hu; kal ko iski vajah se agar main kahi fans jaau to aap mera saath denge ya nahi…aur unki family ne reply diya thaa ki “You are the head of our family, it is your job to serve and feed us, in what way, bad or good that is none of our concern; you will only be responsible for whatever you do to feed us.

So dear “Mera Smaaj (Savran and Dalits both) in the same way, mere aur aapke purkho (ANCESTORS) ke beech kyaa thaa uske base pe aap aage ka decide nahi kar sakte aur agar aisa kar rahe ho to bahut badi bhool hogi…so jaisa ki ooper kaha ki jab “Ek wife (God Balmiki’s wife) tak apne husband ke karmo ke liye responsible nahi hoti to hum apne ancestors ke beech kyaa thaa usko apne beech ke distance ka reason kaise bana sakte hain…??? They were past…we are present…and to bring our present and future generations closer and open to each other it is necessary to keep these kind of policies out of society.

It would have been more effective and useful if this movie was made keeping these views in mind and had given a try to convey the message to society that futures cant be built on policies which result into thrashing societies to a "Tit for Tat" kind of attitude generating and nothing proving to bring societies closer. Also I hope the people who support ARKSHAN to continue by referencing to 5000 years of slavery would get an answer to their question from above example. After watching this movie, I find myself nowhere.

If to support someone support them financially and socially; provide them all facilities which one needs to get ready for an entrance exam of any level only. Let them fight their fate on 10th or 12th level entrance exams equally and if they failed to clear it let them prepare again, continue the financial aides and facilities provided to needies minimum for 3 chances but don’t lift them to engineering, doctor, IAS, IPS, MBA or other similar careers on the basis of caste.

When you have provided and are providing them all kind of facilities and financial aides from their birth, then how can you say that they still are deprived or unaware. Their parents could be deprived or unaware but one who gets Govt. Policy benefits from very beginning of his/her birth, who can call him/her a deprived or unaware…??? So how favorable it is to decide who will get a seat on the basis of caste instead of merits?

Some one here may say (few are saying too) that during 1932, British Government also brought up such policies of lowering down the qualification criteria from somewhere 50 % to 33% because at that time; almost all community people of India were not able to clear those tests and I heard some Dalit Socialists making it a reference to current reservation justifiable saying if it was done at that time for upper castes (as if lower castes were still deprived…how funny reasoning?) then why not for lower castes now? I would like to ask such narrow minds that was the compensation marked by British Government only for Savrans…was there any prohibition against Dalits to get that compensation..?Straight forward answer would be NO….all around 36 castes were benefitted from that policy…and how can they say that there was no dalit coming up through those benefits….needless and useless to point out the names here.

According to me sabse bada corruption wo nahi hai jiske liye Anna Hajaare Ji ya Baba Ramdev Ji are fighting; sabse bada corruption hai Social Corruption jisko ya to Neta log bana rahe hain ya ab Dalits ek “Tit for Tat” situation ke tahat treat karna chahte hain ki…tumhaare ancestors ne hamaare ancestors se 5000 saal tak slavery karwaai thi ab humen mouka mila hai to hum bhi tumhse wahi karwayenge…again very funny no???

Isn’t it just the matter of personal feeling in working relation which has been glorified as slavery otherwise in professional life or working culture who is not a slave?…I am working for my company, am I not a slave in one way or the other?…You are working for your company; under or due to one or the other circumstance, you never felt or are not doing a kind of slavery….??? So it was nothing but the negatives and positives of working relations between that time so called Dalits and Savrans which are now called as Employer and Employee in 21st century. Agar dekha jaaye to slavery har jagah hai bas uske formats and dictionary replace ho gai hain. Conclusively we should vanish these growing and growing killing sense distances like mouth of Raskhshi SURSA of RAMAYANA.

It is the general public who has to come forward otherwise hamaare most of the Neta logs (jo sarif neta hain unko kuchh karne nahi diya jaata) ne to jaise kasam khaa li hai ki beta…divide and rule ke bina hamaari roji-roti kaise chalegi…either we have to teach them ki divide and rule ke bina bhi tum roji roti kama sakte ho…uske ke aisi social divide and rule khelne ki jaroorat nahi hai ki kal ko ek BHARAT ke 2 BHARAT bane milen….Angrej divide and rule khetle they justifiable thaa, hum unke apne nahi they unko humpe raaj karna thaa…but yeh kaise angrej hain jo apno ko hi baant rahe hain….???