Saturday 1 August 2015

Truth of caste secularism in India!

Before elections or any religious riot, 'All Hindus are equal and must stand for their unity, as if it didn't happen there won't be any tomorrow for Hindus' (as if they don't have the guts to fight their opposition at their own), and afterward Jat vs. Non-Jat, OBC vs. Jat, SC/ST vs. Jat, Jats are anti-brahmins, Khatri Hindus vs. Jats perhaps the most anti-jat community!

And persons propagating and instigating all this drama remains same and yes a handful only! And major chunk of these propagators and instigators are neither OBC nor SC/ST but a handful classified only.

Jai Yauddheya! - Phool Malik

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