Wednesday, 20 May 2015

1 MP per 0.115 million versus 1 MP per 2.3 million of population!

A country of France with a population of 6.6 crores constitutes 577 MPs in National Assembly and 348 in Senate; whereas India a country of 125 crores population constitutes just 543 MPs in Upper House of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and mere 245 in Lower House of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). Means 1 MP each for almost 1.15 lakhs (0.115 million) of population in France, whereas 1 MP each for almost 23 lakhs (2.3 million) of population in India.

What's the reason? Are Indians one all "Shaktiman", "Batman" or whatever kinda super heros or the Frenchs least capable? And that too despite the fact that France is a developed country whereas India still under development nation? And do we still believe that we will join the podium of VETOS with this much workload or representation per single unit of public?

Oh yeah, workload; forget, ours are not meant for being workload ridden while batting for or being sit in parliament seat. They are meant to do and spread all nonesense except heeding to public causes and welfares. But bet with me the day they would really mean to being over loaded with real work of cause, they would also increase the number of MPs counting one per said unit of population.

By the way if to put in line with French one, we would require 10869 MPs against current just 543. Oh pity on our MPs, I think ours are the most overly loaded MPs worldwide, what to do "neta ji"! A single MP of India is equal to almost 19 MPs of France. See we have 543 sheronwali mata with 38 hands each in our parliament. Sherowaali mata aur hamaare MPs, my foot.

Ours arrogancy claims that this much of population can be handled by an MLA which French MP handles; and yeah we all Indian know that how charismetically superficial are our superheros. And perhaps, that's why it is said that 33 crores Gods run my nation!

Phool Kumar Malik

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