Sunday, 17 May 2015

बिजनेसमैन बनाम अफसर:

कमाल का देश है हमारा भी, कोई पीएम की पीठ भी थपथपा दे तो भी 'पीएम रिजाईम' का प्रोटोकॉल नहीं टूटता परन्तु अगर एक अफसर सनग्लास भी पहन ले पीएम के आगे तो प्रोटोकॉल तोड़ने का नोटिस थमा दिया जाता है| यह नोटिस पीएम की पीठ थपथपाने वाले को थमाने की हिम्मत क्यों नहीं हुई किसी की?

वही "ढाक के तीन पात, चौथा होने को ना जाने को"; वही के वही सांतवीं सदी के लच्छन जिनकी वजह से देश ने 1300 वर्ष की गुलामी झेली|

An officer should not be judged by his clothes or satire rather he/she should be judged by his attitude and committment towards thou duty and funcitionality. These kind of incidents and political attitudes shows that ours is still to be launched on path of developed country.

Well if to see from such angle then PM himself is a govt. employee sitting on primemost post of nation, so when he can wear anything stylish or whatever he shows through his daily selfies (Huffington Post... has made fun of him for this), then why can not an employee like DM Amit Kataria, what is wrong in that?

This is the difference between a developed country and still to be a developed.

Public should take cognizance of this notice:

I have never seen any administration officer bound to any dress-code in Indian system and its not even in place til date. Dress code only implies to defense, police and security job sectors. Then how can this notice be legal to an administration officer?
I have fully read article 3(1) in which it is talked about integrity of duties and not of any dress as such.


Legal notice copy:

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