Thursday 18 June 2015

CAT complex, no damage control mechanism and credibility juggling in Khaps proving termite for it!

Though it’s an age’s old irony but in modern era it is the second decade going on when the credit of all positive social and human deeds stacked by Khaps is either under spurious reckoning by credit snatchers for their shake or distorted to malign Khaps in dark shadows of deprivation and disgust. Pathetic and pitiable is that Khaps are letting it happen to them. And who is responsible for it? Who is to blame for it?

Be it the men sect or the women, no one is unidirectional, motivated and determined enough for historical reforms within the system pending for addressing since beginning of current century in specific and for decades in general. What crouching stance is drowning this ancient and historically the most viable and successful social engineering system the most?

Problem jolts threefold within as follows:

1) CAT (conservation, arrogance and tantrum) fights in both men as well as women wings of the honorary system: It was 7th of January 2013 when Khaps went to Supreme Court against a case framed by an NGO Shakti-Vahini and fought it so well that until then a seemingly squeezed to Jats only body gets a Brahmin Khap leader entry in name of Col. Vats in February the following month. I would credit it to Khaps valour and patience that they made it realized to Supreme Court that they are not a yesteryear chapter and still bear a determined viability in the society. But why it was on the call of Supreme Court only and why the things developed so ironically around them that propagators reached to Supreme Court against them. Why not were the proactive measurements in place before?

I spoke to many a leaders of my personal connectivity in Khaps to know the response, and innocence emerges due to democratic approach was the answer. They gently said in one fold that we are not sharp enough to snatch the social, historical and spiritual credibility of others rather we don’t believe in it. But then shook them how to protect the own? Response was as simple as them; they said you the young generation lead the cause. And since then I am churning in grinder of thoughts that what to get rid of if to really protect our own identity and answers to problem frames a CAT i.e. conservation in thoughts and nature, arrogance in sharing and expressing and the tantrum on difference of opinion. This CAT is what the Khap leaders really need to bell!

2) No damage control mechanism: I would say a system without cap on the fireplace of the limekiln. And it cannot restore until Khaps don’t opt to organize themselves in a systematic acumen. They need one systematically elected body taking at least 2 persons per 100 of their representatives. In India after Sikhism they are the only body which bears the capacity of buttoning their women in equal participation. And image spoiling of Khaps by media, their anti-NGOs and whosoever is the area where Khaps need well trained and educated women to take charge for.

3) Credibility Juggling: Absence of any official and unanimous recording and documentation body for recognizing and accrediting the good work of its prestigious members and important dates, absence of a promotional body to promote such positive deeds and dates of the system and nil minimum common agendas across different Khaps to further keep healthy inhalation of purpose and scrutiny, all together are leading to hefty credit crisis issue. This drawback generates ego problems, self-centralism, remorseful unfaithfulness and dubious dialogues. All the cases of disparity or bifurcation of even big Khaps into two or more newly borne wings is thrashing the most crucial reforms in Khaps for infinite time. Even the woman wing is no exception and seen indulged in safeguarding own identity just for own that too within the system. They are crawling multi directions yielding an aforesaid threatening leading to entity crisis. Needlessly to name people and persons who have spread beyond expectations in undetermined direction keeping back towards an imaginative focal point somewhere in thoughts only.

Though a ray of light sparkles in terms of leaders like Dada Kuldeep Singh Dhanda, Madam Santosh Dahiya, Dada Nafe Singh Nain, Dada Ramkaran Solanki, Dada Naresh Tikait, Dada Ishwar Singh Lohan head of Satrol Khap and more recently emerging out of Ahlawat Khap chief Dada Gajender Singh Ahlawat taking front on "Miss Tanakpur" and Youngsters like Sunil Jaglan, who can be named as the gear changer of the saga. But if to see and as per the need of hour, most of them still wish to play on countryside without bothering or getting legal system of nation for support. Khaps have to understand that time has arisen to dent the opportunity by thrusting ownself into legal machinery and get registered with in it. In this desert of seemingly ‘ekla chalo re’ or ‘hum auron ko kuchh nahin kahte, isliye wo humen kyon tang karen’ approach, a lady is proving her iron by taking the system’s support. I won’t hesitate to claim it as an historical step taken by Dr. Santosh Dahiya the chief of lady wagon of Khaps against misdeeds of an elected MP of a government in power. But this is just not sufficient enough against what Khaps capacity is and should be known for, but at least she lit a ray of change, which I have been dreaming for my proudy Khap system.

I beg my pardon if any subsequent name of well doer is forgotten, I am sure they won't mind and will take the article in assessment of their work too.

Have so many plans and caricatures to draw on future expectations and expectations of this system, hope soon the time would knock and motivate me to further pen down them on papers.

I pray to God to get this system mobilize and let them make the driven to enter the legal system now.

Jai Yoddheya! – Phool Malik

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